51" Player Height

Optimal player height range 51"-54"
All clubs available in right and left hand
Weight compared to adult clubs45% lighter20% lighter15% lighter
Shaft specs (woods)NAK-Flex 51w graphiteJ-Flex 51w graphite
Shaft specs (irons)Y-Flex 51i graphiteK-Flex 51i graphiteJ-Flex 51i graphite or steel
Recommended swing speedDesigned to develop swing speed54 mph or faster55 mph or faster
Grip optionsSize 51 molded training gripSize 51 velvet rubber gripSize 51 velvet rubber grip
Club availability2 clubs10 clubs18 clubs
Set configurationsNA7 sets5 sets
Bag optionsNA3 bags2 bags

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Right Hand UL51-s DV3 Driver
SKU: 19740
Right Hand UL51-s DV3 Fairway Driver
SKU: 19733

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Right Hand UL51-s DV3 Hybrid
SKU: 19750
Right Hand UL51-s 6 Iron
SKU: 19706
Right Hand UL51-s 7 Iron
SKU: 19707
Right Hand UL51-s 8 Iron
SKU: 19708
Right Hand UL51-s 9 Iron
SKU: 19709
Right Hand UL51-s Pitching Wedge
SKU: 19710

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