6th Club Free

U.S. Kids Golf has developed a program to reward our frequent customers:

Program Guidelines

  • Collect UPC(s) and original register receipt(s) for at least FIVE (5) clubs. (The UPC is the bar code sticker located on the shaft of individual clubs or on the set box for full sets.)
  • Multiple Discounts are allowed if you submit in increments of five (5) clubs: 5 clubs=1club free. 10 clubs=2 clubs free, etc.
  • Customer is responsible for regular shipping rates and applicable taxes.
  • Used or outlet golf clubs are not eligible for the 6th Club Free program.
  • The program applies to U.S. Kids Golf current line clubs purchased as a set or individually.
  • Purchases must be made from an authorized U.S. Kids Golf Retailer or on uskidsgolf.com
  • This program is open to residents of the U.S., U.K., and Canada.
  • After completing the form from your account page and mailing the required information, you will receive a discount code for the appropriate value.


  • Ultralight: Discount Code has a $50 value for every 5 ULTRALIGHT clubs purchased.
  • Tour Series: Discount Code has a $70 value for every 5 TOUR SERIES clubs purchased.
  • Ladylight: Discount Code has a $45 value for every 5 LADYLIGHT clubs purchased.

Qualifying Club Combinations

  • Clubs are totaled individually, in a set, or a combination, in increments of five (5) clubs 3-club and 4-club sets require additional purchase to equal five (5) clubs.
  • For 7-club sets, retain two (2) UPCs for your next redemption opportunity!

Click the button below when you are ready to redeem your free club.

Create an Account Now

If you already have an account, visit Your Account Dashboard and click the 6th Club Free link from the left-hand navigation options.


The Tour Series Launch Driver is not fully covered with the 6th Club Free program. For a 10-club Tour Series set, you will receive $140 discount code. The Launch driver retail cost is $199.99. Customer is responsible for the difference after the code is applied.


  • Please allow up to two weeks from U.S. Kids Golf receipt of items to receive Discount code via email.
  • The code is valid for one-time use and active for 60 days to redeem in our online store.
  • The DISCOUNT CODE may be used only once (no remaining balance will be retained after purchase) and is valid for any items found under the PRODUCTS tab at www.uskidsgolf.com.