6th Club Free

U.S. Kids Golf has developed a program to reward our frequent customers:

  • Once you have purchased FIVE (5) clubs, you have the opportunity to receive a *6th Club Free (3-club and 4-club sets require additional purchase)
  • USED OR OUTLET GOLF CLUBS are not eligible for the 6th Club Free program
  • The program applies to current line clubs purchased as a set or individually.
  • Be sure to keep your UPC code from our packaging along with your purchase receipt.
  • This program is open to residents of the U.S., U.K., and Canada.
  • Click the button below when you are ready to redeem your free club.

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*Exception: The Tour Series Launch Driver is not fully covered with the 6th Club Discount Code. For a 10-club Tour Series set, you will receive $140 discount code. The Launch driver retail cost is $199.99. Customer is responsible for the difference after the code is applied.