Tour Series 5

For the Intermediate to Advanced Player

Tour Series 5, or TS5, is the fifth generation of Tour Series golf clubs engineered by U.S. Kids Golf. The culmination of thousands of data points gathered using Trackman technology and intense market and product development research have led to our most advanced and highest performing set of Tour Series golf clubs to date. Players should expect higher ball speeds, increased distance, improved versatility, and higher quality throughout the entire set from Bags to Driver to Putters.

What makes Tour Series 5 special?

  • Quality: Re-engineered 6-4 titanium shaping and aerodynamics allow for our fastest Tour Series driver to date; Ultra-thin crowns, redesigned soles, and variable face thickness 17-4 stainless steel heads in the fairway woods and hybrids; improved shaping and forgiveness in the 431 stainless steel irons; and higher spin and more versatility in the 8620 satin nickel spin wedges. All shafts are uniquely designed for each size and are frequency matched and spined. Choose either 100% graphite or light-weight steel.
  • Performance: Optimized launch, trajectory, spin, and performance using results and thousands of data points backed by TrackMan technology.
  • Player Development: As your player grows, so does Tour Series 5. Heads get heavier, shafts get stiffer, lofts get lower, launch, trajectory, spin, and overall performance dynamically change and adjust, allowing your player to swing freely and fully trust in their equipment as they grow.

Most Importantly...

Like its Tour Series predecessors, TS5 is a complete system of clubs. In each size the swing weight, shaft flex, and many more attributes work together to maximize the player's long-term development. Moving to a taller size in U.S. Kids clubs too early, or adding a club of another brand to the set such as a longer and heavier driver, causes the player to adjust their swing and technique resulting in slower hand speed and hindering development.

Tour Series equipment is the number one brand of equipment at the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship and is often played by the top players in the Van Horn Cup.

Tour Series Technology:

TS5 Driver

6-4 titanium with black PVD finish. Optimized MOI produces more forgiveness and a larger sweet-spot than prior generations. Center of gravity refined over prior generation for a tighter, wind-piercing trajectory.

Fairway Woods/Hybrids

Designed with a repositioned Center of Gravity to increase forgiveness and optimize launch. Thin crown and face design generates maximum ball speed.


Perimeter weighted heads provide increased forgiveness while lower and deeper center of gravity provides optimal launch and spin.

Spin Wedges

New Spin-Tech technology applies milling to the entire face, maximizing spin from all turf conditions and all face impact locations.

DD Putters

Dial in your DISTANCE and DIRECTION with the new DD putters. Featuring deep milled faces, anti-glare satin finishes, and improved weighting for unmatched speed and distance control.

Purchase Options

Tour Series offers 225 set configurations and bag options to fit various needs.

Spin Wedge Details

  • SPIN: Spin-Tech technology applies milling to the entire face, maximizing spin from all turf conditions for all face impact locations.
  • PAD: A unique PAD (Path Adjustment Distribution) system ensures the proper trajectory, flight, and landing angle, regardless of wedge hit, by re-positioning the center of gravity to better match the loft of each club. PAD system highlighted in green.
  • GRIND: Three unique grinds specially engineered for each loft ensures unmatched club performance and turf interaction. GRIND system highlighted in blue.

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