epTOUR Lite

Introducing the revolutionary epTOUR Lite. There has never been a driver with a head light enough to add 2 inches of length to standard U.S. Kids' driver lengths and allow the player to develop their swing correctly for speed and power. A competitive player searching for distance often uses a heavier adult-weighted driver and adds two inches to our standard lengths. This causes the club to be out of balance with the rest of their set. Enter epTOUR Lite.

149g Head featuring a Carbon Fiber Crown & Titanium Body

Driver Optimization Kit

Variable Thickness, Cup-Face Technology

Only available in RIGHT HAND.


  • 149g standard head weight (without head weights)
  • 15⁰ standard loft (adjustable by +/-2 degrees)
  • Carbon Fiber crown and Titanium body
  • Unique shaft adapter with eight adapter settings
  • e-Flex Graphite Shafts by UST Mamiya
  • Kit with settings manual, wrench, and head weights

What makes epTOUR Lite unique?

epTOUR Lite drivers are +2” longer than standard U.S. Kids' driver lengths. The sole has three weight ports to adjust the head weight, so players can use the same head as they grow. When the player is ready to move to the next length, order the new, longer shaft in the color of your choice.

epTOUR Putters

Elite level putters, for elite level players. epTOUR putters feature 100% CNC Milled carbon steel heads providing the ultimate feel for the most demanding players. With deep milled faces, the ball begins and stays on line. Adjustable weighting (installed with two 10 gram weights) ensures you are always dialed in on speed, distance, and direction regardless of the course setup and green conditions you are playing that day. This mallet style putter with a goose neck hosel is best for players with a straight back/straight through putting style.

What makes the epTOUR Putters elite?

  • Optimal Height Range 51"-69"
  • Interchangeable weights to customize feel and face closure rate
  • 3 degree loft and 70 degree lie angle
  • 100% CNC Milled carbon steele

Golf Bag

Powered by Sun Mountain for the avid walking golfer, the epTOUR Bag redefines the features that can be offered in a lightweight golf bag. It has contoured, high-density foam shoulder straps for carrying comfort, a roomy, 9.0” top, and seven pockets including a beverage pouch and hidden cell phone pocket. All of this and it still weighs under four pounds.

Built Exclusively for
U.S. Kids Golf

Ultimate Storage