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epTOUR Lite Driver, Complete

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The epTour Lite Driver is a revolutionary new product from U.S. Kids Golf. What’s so unique?

There has never been a driver with a head light enough to add 2” of length to standard U.S. Kids' driver lengths and allow the player to develop their swing correctly for speed and power. A competitive player searching for distance often uses a heavier adult-weighted driver and adds two inches to our standard lengths. This causes the club to be out of balance with the rest of their set. Enter epTOUR Lite.


epTOUR Lite drivers are +2” longer than standard U.S. Kids' driver lengths. The sole has three weight ports to adjust the head weight, so players can use the same head as they grow. When the player is ready to move to the next length, order the new, longer shaft in the color of your choice.


  • Carbon Fiber crown and Titanium body
  • 149g standard head weight (without weights)
  • 15-degree standard loft (adjustable by +/-2 degrees)
  • Unique shaft adapter with eight adapter settings
  • e-Flex Graphite Shafts by UST Mamiya
  • Kit with settings manual, wrench, and weights


Please allow up to one week for processing. 2-Day and Overnight shipping are available when the product is completed. epTOUR Lite is custom-built and may not be returned.