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UL57 5-Iron WT-15u

Product #24505-M


Quick Overview

UL57 5-Iron WT-15u

The Ultralight iron head is engineered with a wider sole and a lower center of gravity to help launch the ball into the air. The increased heel/ toe weighting produces more forgiveness on off-center shots.


  • Optimal Height Range 57 in. to 60 in.
  • WT-15u model (15% lighter club heads)
  • 30 degree loft
  • K-Flex graphite shaft
  • 34 in. finished club length
  • Appropriately sized grips (replacements available)

Additional Information
SKU 24505-M
Player's Skill Level Beginner (UL-Ultralight)
Hand Right Hand
Player's Height Range 57" Player
Shaft Flex K-Flex
Player's Age 9-11 years old
Shaft Type Graphite
Player's Swing Speed Up to 63 mph
UL57 5-Iron WT-15u

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