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At U.S. Kids Golf, we believe that perfect swings begin with a perfect fit. When a young player uses clubs that are fit based on their height and skill level, they will learn to swing naturally, while increasing their swing speed and developing good habits. U.S. Kids Golf offers three systems of lighter weight equipment designed to fit every young player, regardless of age. To learn more about Yard Club, Ultralight, and Tour Series, watch our fitting video. We also have a line of clubs specially designed for ladies called Ladylight. Learn more about each system below.



For intermediate to advanced golfers, Tour Series offers the technology expected by serious players while maintaining the U.S. Kids Golf fitting philosophy. 

Designed for players who show intermediate-to-advanced skills, play competitive golf events, and have higher-than-average swing speeds. Tour Series is a natural bridge that prepares a player for adult clubs.

Offered in 6 sizes, 51"-66". Measure your player with shoes on to determine his/her correct size and use our fitting guide for sizing reference.



Beginning golfers will find continued success with Ultralight because each club is designed and engineered to promote maximum clubhead speed. 

Designed for players who have played some golf, but need a lighter club to improve club head speed. Basic golf skills are developing such as putting, chipping, and pitching.

Offered in 9 sizes, 39"-63". Measure your player with shoes on to determine his/her correct size.and use our fitting guide for sizing reference.



Yard Club is a super-lightweight club designed to give the right start when first playing the game. The oversized aluminum head provides more hitting area that helps get the ball in the air! And since the grip is the most important part of the game, Yard Club comes with a special training grip for learning proper hand position. 

Designed for beginning players who want a great training club to start. Yard Club can be used in the back yard or on the range while developing basic skill sets. 

Offered in 10 sizes, 36"-63". Measure your player with shoes on to determine his/her correct size and use our fitting guide for sizing reference.



For over 20 years, we have developed and produced best-in-class equipment for kids ages 12 and under. In 2016, we were proud to introduce a line of golf clubs for women based on the same lightweight technology.

Ladylight is the perfect set to help ladies to start the game or simply improve their swing and distance.

Offered in 1 size, 63".